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In this course we’ll explore a differentiated view of pornography use, assessing for addiction and compulsive use, as well as defining when porn is used as recreation and its possible meanings in different relationships, of all sexual orientations.

We will define monogamy, fidelity and exclusivity as it relates to pornography use in couples and look at the pathological perspective of pornography use as it desensitizes and/or traumatizes viewers.
We will also see how porn can re-eroticise relationships when there has been erotic neglect.

Participants will learn the three reasons people go on the Internet to look at porn and will find ways to assess, treat and intervene when porn is a problem.

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“Sex on the Download” is a reflection of our current culture of internet relationships where the growing societal influence of connecting in cyber relationships can create real time intimacy, but may also lead to compulsive sexual behaviors, porn addition and compulsive infidelity.



This second series of classes will focus on helping the partners of those suffering from compulsive sexuality. We will address internet infidelity and help for the partner. Topics will include the stages of internet infidelity recovery and why it can take the partner years to heal and forgive; how to help partners discover the new rules and boundaries of their relationship and what they can and can’t live with; as well as how to manage disclosure versus discovery and how to negotiate privacy versus secrecy.


Therapists, educators, sexuality counselors and medical practitioners will benefit from this training to help anyone who uses the internet as a pathway to relationship, connection, sexuality or pleasure and finds themselves caught in a web of cyber chaos, pain, addiction or crisis.


Learn direct interventions, insight oriented and non-pathologizing behavioral changes, and directed attempts to connect for couples, using lecture, case example and worksheets and handouts. Supervision, group discussion and ongoing support is included in this LIVE teleclass.


Four Tuesdays: March 29, April 5, 12, 19, 2011
12pm – 1pm EST

COST: $200 (student discount may be available)


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Erotic Logic Audio – Free

Everyone has sexual fantasies and interests—all of which have nonsexual meanings. Understanding what your sexual behaviors and fantasies mean point you in the right direction for recovery and healing. This podcast will teach you how to use your sexual fantasies and interests to understand the origin of your wounds and help you recover from sexual addiction.

Sex with the City: An overview audio presentation on what sexual addiction is and what to do about it by Dr. Joe Kort, PhD, LMSW.

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Sex with the City – Part 1: $9.00

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Sex with the City – Part 2: $9.00

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Keeping the Love You Find Teleclass

Four week teleclass

Relationship class for straight, gay and lesbian singles.

Keeping the Love You Find Week 1: The three stages of love and uncovering the mysteries of attraction and love as well as the power struggle and conflicts.

If you ever wondered why you are attracted to a certain type of person, than this is the teleclass for you. This pre-recorded class teaches you the psychology behind finding the right partner. Part 2 addresses how to know whether or not you have chosen the right partner for you. It also explores why problems arise and what to do about them to keep the relationship of your dreams.

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Keeping the Love You Find Week 3: This class explores the limitation of having “type” and looking only for those partners who fit that type. This can be a way of having exits from intimacy and relationships and never committing fully to another person. Short-term versus long-term dating is also addressed exploring what might be right for you.

You will receive handouts with this audio on saying healthy goodbyes to someone with whom you have dated. It is not easy telling someone with whom you may have dated for three months or longer that it is not working out. This class will educate you on a way to do this in a loving and healthy way.


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Keeping the Love You Find Week 4

Part 1: $10.00

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Part 2: $10.00
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Keeping the Love You Find Introductory Teleclass Audio

Click the buttons below to order Part 1 and 2 of this introductory teleclass. This is a relationship class for straight, gay and lesbian singles.

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