How do I know If I am straight, gay or bisexual?

For Therapists

***NEW as of April, 2009**** This teleclass was a presentation by Dr. Joe Kort, Ph.D, LMSW to therapists working with couples where the male partner is a straight male who has sex with other men.

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Click here JoeKortlmsw-362263@autocontactor.com to start receiving answers to the most common questions asked about straight men who have sex with men at Straight Guise.

Air America with The Lionel Show on the Larry Craig scandal

Dr. Joe Kort is interviewed about his work with straight men who have sex with men during the Larry Craig scandal.

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Straight Guise is a blog for current news and media events, journal articles which publish on the topic of straight men who have sex with men as well as clinical examples from my therapy practice and coaching about men who struggle with same sex sexual behavior and are not gay.

It is also a chance for readers to share their thoughts and viewpoints by responding to the posts.

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